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Our vision

No university actually teaches how to invest CHF 150,000 in digital advertising and generate a 300% ROI.

While academic training in digital marketing is multiplying, marketers are having trouble getting technical training on the platforms they need to master. Indeed, managing marketing budgets requires in-depth knowledge of numerous digital marketing platforms.

Inspired by executives from the Swiss digital industry, the Swiss Digital Marketing Academy (SDMA) was born with the vision to convey and share the technical expertise needed by marketers to master the complexity of digital marketing investments.

SDMA aims to bring together accomplished professionals who wish to contribute to Swiss excellence in digital marketing by training marketers in a performance and ROI oriented approach.

Our training courses in media buying

A team of experts in digital marketing and media engineering.

Amir Sfez
Chief Operating Officer @ CODE41 Watches

Digital strategy and vision / Digital technologies / Marketing Engineering

With over 11 years of experience in the FinTech and eCommerce industry, Amir Sfez has spent his entire career in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation. His career has allowed him to train dozens of collaborators at all levels of the digital prism: media trading, affiliate marketing, technology & automation, ecommerce, payment systems, etc. Amir has inspired SDMA to share his experience with as many people as possible.


Simon Shagal
Co-founder & CMO @ SimilarBid

Native Ads / Media Engineering

Simon is a digital entrepreneur specializing in performance marketing. With more than 15 years of experience in software marketing development and campaign management, SimilarBid covers a broad digital spectrum with product development, advertising and media buying, affiliate marketing and eCommerce.


Hanael Sfez
Chief Executive Officer @ Axxun

Collaborative dynamics / Project and team agility / Digital technologies

Hanael is the founder of Axxun, a company specializing in the digital transition of teams. He guides teams towards Agile practices and modern collaborative dynamics that allow to better manage strategic objectives, projects, tasks, and costs.


Technical trainers
13 (fantastic) experts @ Swiss Digital Marketing

Media buying / Google DV360 / Appnexus

Our technical trainers all share a passion for media buying and digital marketing. Through their involvement, they strive to contribute to Swiss excellence in digital marketing by training marketers in a performance and ROI oriented approach.

Transmitting the expertise that makes the difference.

The expertise acquired by the professionals contributing to the Swiss Digital Marketing Academy represents invaluable professional development capital. Our trainers and mentors have many years of experience in digital marketing in senior and management positions. What they have in common: technical expertise at the forefront of their field.

Training in media engineering

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