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Details of the training

A unique training
on the Appnexus platform

While the CPM (Cost Per Mille) model was largely dominant in the early days of digital media buying, it has been gradually replaced by CPC (Cost Per Click) models, notably under the influence of Google and Native Ads networks. A good media buyer needs to be comfortable with all buying models in order to be able to vary his traffic sources and optimize his performance.

The CPM model is dominant on the largest DSPs, especially Appnexus. AppNexus offers media buyers the ability to make smart buying decisions thanks to open and instantaneous data feedback. The intelligence provided by the platform is even close to real time, so that targeting and optimization strategies can be quickly adapted.



Approx. 9 hours

Certification awarded
Swiss Digital Marketing Academy – AppNexus Expert

About this certification

CHF 1’200

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Conditions of participation

  • Google Ads certification (here)
  • or significant work experience on DSP for a minimum of 6 months
  • or certification from Swiss Digital Marketing Academy – Media Engineering

We do not offer pre-recorded video formats. Why not?

Module 1


  • Advanced technical features of the platform
  • Mastery of the algorithm
  • Campaign architecture
  • Optimization Strategies
  • Best practices of the experts

Duration : 3 hours

Module 2


  • Creation of campaigns according to different business models
  • Analysis of campaign results and optimizations
  • Analysis of problematic scenarios and hypothesis of solutions

Duration : 3 hours

Module 3


  • Theory (MCQ)
  • Case study

Duration : 3 hours

A platform that seems (very) complicated at first glance but is quickly demystified thanks to this training. Indeed, one must benefit from the seasoned experience of media buyers not to miss the enormous potential of this platform.

Mike / Media buyer, Paris

My team of marketers took this training to expand the capabilities of our trading desk. Excellent pedagogy and a real mastery of the tool. Congratulations to all!

André / Chief Marketing Officer, Bruxelles

Our digital specialist has been trained on Appnexus by Swiss Digital Marketing Academy. We were able to expand our offerswith all our customers and double our turnover. Invest in this training, it’s ROI guaranteed!

Yunis / Partner in a web agency, Bordeaux

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