Training Google DV360
Google DV360: tame the beast

The training in detail

Deepen your skills beyond Google Adwords

Google Display & Video 360 (DV360) is still an unknown platform for many media buyers. Indeed, the acquisition of solid skills on this network requires considerable investment, and is therefore not easily accessible to many professionals.

The greatest attraction of DV360 is the broad scope of inventory that can be easily accessed through the platform. Access to numerous advertising networks and open exchanges (including the Google Display Network) gives DV360 a reach unmatched by any DSP platform. DV360’s Open Exchange is therefore unparalleled in digital marketing.

Our DV360 training allows you to acquire the experience and skills required to manage campaigns effectively on this platform. Led by an experienced professional, you will be accompanied and coached in the most demanding standards of the industry.



Approx. 9 hours

Certification awarded
Swiss Digital Marketing Academy – DV360 Expert

About this certification

CHF 1’200

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Conditions of participation

  • Google Ads certification (here)
  • or significant work experience on DSP for a minimum of 6 months
  • or certification from Swiss Digital Marketing Academy – Media Engineering

We do not offer pre-recorded video formats. Why not?

Module 1


  • Advanced technical features of the platform
  • Mastery of the Google marketing algorithms
  • Campaign architecture
  • Optimization Strategies
  • Best practices of the experts

Duration : 3 hours

Module 2


  • Creation of campaigns according to different business models
  • Analysis of campaign results and optimizations
  • Analysis of problematic scenarios and hypothesis of solutions

Duration : 3 hours

Module 3


  • Theory (MCQ)
  • Case study

Duration : 3 hours

I recommend this training for media buyers who work with high performance goals. Since inventory is significantly more expensive than on Google Ads, my trainer’s experience was crucial in understanding how to run campaigns with a positive ROI on this platform.

Yassine / Media trader, Genève.

Real training for professionals, by professionals! DV360 has no more secrets for me and I became the reference on this platform in my department! Will I be the next trainer at Swiss Digital Marketing Academy ?

Paxi / Digital marketer, Biarritz

The DV360 training was given to our entire team of digital marketers. We are very satisfied with the new skills acquired for our team. The results of their first campaigns are beyond what we expected!

Elliot / Marketing Director, Paris

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