A systematic approach
of decision making in media buying

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How to make good decisions about digital media purchases?

The biggest issue faced by media buyers is certainly the decision making regarding their marketing investments. The success or failure of their campaigns depends on the many decisions they have to make in managing their campaigns:

  • Segmentation of the prospected inventory
  • Campaign architecture
  • Bidding strategy
  • Automation of optimizations
  • etc…

Many media buyers still use “conceptual marketing” in their decisions, i.e. they develop a mental model of the situation based on past experience, intuition and reasoning.

At the Swiss Digital Marketing Academy, we teach a model inspired by media engineering in the management and optimization of media buying. We apply a systematic approach to use data and knowledge to support effective decision-making.

The training in detail

Media Engineering Certification

Centered around 2 modules, our Media Engineering training focuses on the application of the CUBE Media Buying Model as the main decision-making model in the construction, management and optimization of campaigns.

At the end of the training, the marketer will be able to apply this model in all his media buying decisions.



Approx. 15 hours

Certification awarded
Swiss Digital Marketing Academy – Media Engineering

About this certification

Conditions of participation

  • open to all candidates

We do not offer pre-recorded video formats. Why?

Module 1

CUBE Media Buying Model

  • Ads Impressions Inventory [Aii]
  • [Segments]
  • Positive Impression [Pi]
  • Campaigns Architecture
  • Performance Benchmark
  • Buying Strategies
  • Campaigns Optimization

Duration : 6 hours

Module 2


  • Performance Benchmark
  • Campaigns Architecture
  • Buying & performance optimization
  • Data Analysis
  • Problem solving

Duration : 6 hours

Module 3


  • Theory (QCM)
  • Case study

Duration : 3 hours

I took this training after my studies to get into digital marketing. I hadn’t imagined the gap between the digital marketing taught at university and this training: 2 completely different worlds. You dive into a world closer to investment management and financial trading, with a completely statistical and mathematical approach. Since then, I use the CUBE model in all my marketing campaigns.

Alberto / Media trader, Bourges.

The content of this training is a rare pearl: the experience of the best experts in media trading brought together for a simple and understandable format. It’s really for those who want to understand how to make money relentlessly with digital campaigns.

José / Digital manager, Paris

All media buyers or marketers MUST pass this training!

Hussein / Owner of a digital marketing agency, Lilles

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